Product Details

After intensive research and fabric testing, Putapôn has dramatically enhanced the look and feel of pool table covers. Finally, a pool table cover you would rather have on than off! Using textiles of the new millennium, Putapôn offers many features not previously possible.

  • Five sizes to choose from.
  • Sueding on top for a soft, irresistible feel and a luxurious, rich look.
  • Satin backing to caress and protect fine woodwork and rail inlays.
  • A sumptuous color ensemble that easily coordinates with any interior design or home décor theme.
  • Dense fabric fibers to protect table felt, rails, and pockets from dust.
  • Wrinkle resistant for no-fuss care.
  • Lightweight, regardless of size, for easy handling both on and off the table.
  • Completely machine-washable.

Your casually elegant Putapôn cloth pool table cover is a perfect complement to your carefully chosen pool table.

Replace your pool table felt less often by covering your table more often. Put on a Putapôn!

Ease of Use

A Putapôn cloth pool table cover only weighs between three and four pounds which allows you to remove and replace it effortlessly. We believe that you will find yourself playing more frequently and, more importantly, covering your table more often when you cover your pool table with a Putapôn custom cloth pool table cover!

It is not just a pool table cover…it’s a Putapôn!


Our durable, triple-stitch seams are sewn using commercial serge machines. Every Putapôn cloth pool table cover is individually made in the U.S.A. by experienced and professional craftsmen out of finest imported moleskin fabric.

Protect your investment…put on a Putapôn!


Other Uses

Although we produce the covers primarily for pool tables, you can use them as a tablecloth or any other way depending on your requirements, or desires.

Many uses…one Putapôn!